Service Changes at Gatley Refillery

Running low on your refills? Time to order!

We are super pleased to be supplying many of you with your 5 litre home refill products!

Why switch to the bigger sizes?

Our 5L sizes come with a huge 20% saving (vs refilling your smaller bottles in-store). They save you precious time & feedback has been *very* positive about the convenience of having your refills at home. We also take back your empties to refill!

Time to adapt...

Demand for in-store refills has changed over the past 3 months. Going forward, we are going to be further reducing our in-store individual bottle refill service. We've seen a huge shift to those switching to 5L sizes.

We need your help with this please!

To help us manage our Miniml stock super effectively, please pre-order your 5L sizes at Remember to select 'free local pick-up' at the checkout & we will send you a notification when they're ready to collect!

Products still available for in-store refills:

Anti-Bac Hand Soap, Shampoo, Bodywash & Conditioner

Products available in 5L home refill sizes:

Anti-Bac Hand Soap, Shampoo, Bodywash & Conditioner

Washing-up liquid, Floor Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, White Vinegar, Anti-Bac Multi-Surface Cleaner

Laundry Liquid & Fabric Conditioner

Discontinued lines:

We are sorry to say that Miniml will be discontinuing their Hand & Body Lotion, Hand Disinfectant Gel & Hand Disinfectant Rub.

We have a small amount of each of these available in-store for refill- if you love them please top up before they go!

Browse our range of 5L refills:

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