Large Soy Wax Candle- Fresh Linen
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Large Soy Wax Candle- Fresh Linen

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Hand poured in Devon, made from 100% Soy Wax.

Combined with high quality, deliciously scented oils giving you a beautifully smelling vegan candle.

Fresh Linen scent profile:

So you’ve just pulled out your clean, warm and soft clothes from the tumble dryer and it smells so good, and so comforting…Well that’s our Fresh Linen, it’s just beautifulness in a jar and it’s certainly one which makes you feel all cosy.

Large Signature Candle - 300ml with approx. 50+ hours of burn time.

Paraben free, cruelty free and 100% vegan.

Made in United Kingdom

Please note:

Before you start to enjoy your deliciously scented candle, please ensure that the wick is trimmed to 5mm each and every time, before lighting. When lit for the first time, please also ensure that you allow the candle to burn for approximately 2 hours so that there is an even wax melt pool. Finally, do not burn your candle for longer than 4 hours at a time.