RAW by FILL - Cleaning Vinegar

RAW by FILL - Cleaning Vinegar

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This biodegradable, dye free & vegan Cleaning Vinegar is a hardworking, multi purpose cleaner and is available to refill over and over again. Good on glass, floors, work surfaces, bathrooms and more. Make your own descaler and shower clean! Made in Northamptonshire by FILL.
How to use: This is a multi tasker! For glass or surface cleaning: use neat or dilute with water. Can be used to descale toilets, cleaning your washing machine, cleaning bathrooms & unblocking plug holes. Not suitable for food use. Combine with RAW by FILL Bicarbonate of Soda for lots of fab eco friendly cleaning uses.

Visit RAW by FILL recipe page for some cleaning recipes!

Contains acetic acid. Vinegar is acidic, do not use on natural stone (like granite or marble quartz), unsealed or waxed surfaces. Wear gloves when using.

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£0.40 per 100ml refill - use this option if you intend to bring your own (BYO) container for refilling, please purchase in multiples of 100ml. Round down to the nearest 100ml if your bottle has a different volume. 

£5.00- 500ml + FILL glass bottle (recyclable plastic bottle available upon request) use this option if you do not have your own container and need to purchase one of our refillable bottles.