Gua Sha Facial Massage Stone

Gua Sha Facial Massage Stone

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“Gua sha” is a traditional Chinese medical technique where a smooth stone is used to massage the skin to release tension from the face.

The UpCircle Gua Sha is designed to relieve tension and reduce puffiness.

Its unique wing or fin shape allows you to contour your face as well as aids lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and boost circulation for a healthy glow. Massaged on the face and neck, you can determine the pressure, from gentle strokes to deeper pressure, or you can use the edge to gently scrape the skin, helping the rejuvenation process.

Bonus tip: Pair with our Face Serum for the ultimate glow!

How to use:

Sweep the tool from your chin to jawline, moving towards the earlobe and down the neck. Repeat three times.

Why we love it:

Vegan, Cruelty-free & Dermatologically Approved. As always, this UpCircle Beauty product is natural, in 100% recyclable packaging & handmade in the UK.