Vegan Beauty in a Box
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Vegan Beauty in a Box

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Switch up plastic bathroom basics for zero/ low waste alternatives, vegan friendly and cruelty free. Ready to gift reusable/ recycling packaging!

Treat yourself or someone special to the gift of eco friendly soap & face mask kit- complete with an exfoliating soap bag. All 100% plant based, vegan & biodegradable. 

Personalise your gift with a printed message on the inside box lid- please email your desired message to: immediately after purchasing.

This set includes:

1 x Handmade Soap - Orange-utan Spice 100g: This handmade Cinnamon and Orange scented soap is vegan friendly and free from cruelty, SLS, palm oil and of course, plastic. Wrapped up in an easy to recycle or even compost cardboard box, this soap is all natural and smells divine. Cinnamon and orange combining beautifully for a warm, comforting scent.

1 x Sisal Soap Bag- Exfoliating Pouch: This versatile little pouch can be used to house your soap, allowing a lovely lather for washing, with additional exfoliation from the sisal fibres.  Alternatively pop your soap ends inside to help you make the most of every last piece! 100% biodegradable. 

1 x Beauty Pro Natura Coconut Oil Infused Plant Based Sheet Mask 22ml: Coconut has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin while repairing the skins natural barrier function. A blend of Vitamin E and essential Amino Acids lock moisture into your skin for deep nourishment. Biodegradable bamboo sheet mask.