Handcrafted Tibetan Incense Stick Giftset -Frankincense
Handcrafted Tibetan Incense Stick Giftset -Frankincense
Handcrafted Tibetan Incense Stick Giftset -Frankincense
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Handcrafted Tibetan Incense Stick Giftset -Frankincense

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Embark on a fragrant journey to the mystical landscapes of Nepal with our  Himalayan Sugandhit Dhoop Incense Gift Set. Every box of this exquisite collection is a sensory treasure chest that encapsulates the essence of the Himalayas.

Each set includes 30 premium Frankincense scented incense sticks, handcrafted to perfection, and a charming wooden holder. To enrich your experience, we also provide an enlightening explanatory text that unveils the rich heritage and meaning behind these aromatic creations.

Our incense sticks are thoughtfully crafted using the finest natural ingredients, ensuring the purest aromas. Frankincense, with its ancient reputation for calming the mind and elevating the spirit, creates a tranquil and sacred atmosphere in your surroundings. Let its timeless fragrance envelop your senses.

Simply light one end of the stick and wait for it to light.

Blow out the flame and place it in an incense holder. The fragrance will allow you to create the perfect environment for relaxation.

  • Hand rolled top quality incense, resins and plant material.
  • Approx. Sticks per Pack: 30
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan