Room & Pillow Spray- Frosted Sugar Plum
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Room & Pillow Spray- Frosted Sugar Plum

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This fragrant masterpiece captures the essence of sugary sweet plums and winter berries. 

🍇 Top notes of plum & winter berries create a fruity, vibrant aroma that evokes the sweetness of ripe plums. 

🍬 A sugary sweet mix adds a delightful sweetness to the fragrance, reminiscent of sugary plum confections. 

🌰 Base notes of vanilla provide a warm and comforting undertone that lingers in the air.

  • Transform any space into a winter wonderland with the delightful scent of Frosted Sugar Plum.
  • Spray it on pillows, in rooms, or on linens to infuse the atmosphere with the sweet and magical aroma of the season.
  • A delightful way to bring the magic of sugary plums into your home.